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Licensed Clinical Psychologist or Master’s Level Clinician (Full-time or Part-time, approx. 10-40 hrs)

  Position Title:       Therapist

  Education:            Graduate degree (master’s and/or doctorate) in social work, counselling, psychology, or a related                                 field.

  Qualifications:      Possesses a mental health professional license in the State of Illinois, currently active and in                                 good standing.

  Experience:          At least three years full-time direct clinical experience with a wide range of populations, including                                 children, adolescents, families, and adults. Experience in dealing directly with systems issues in a                                 clinical context as well as with clinical case management.

  License Preferred:  Licensure in the State of Illinois.

  Requirements:      Excellent oral and written communication skills; ability and facility in understanding and working                                  with systems (hospitals, social services, courts, probation, schools, etc.); experience in a                                  community mental health center/clinic; clinical experience in individual, group, and couples/family                                  therapy, intakes, clinical case management, crisis intervention with a variety of populations,                                  especially world-view perspectives. Experience in doing mental health evaluations, psychological                                  testing/assessments is an additional plus.

  Immediate Supervisor: Dr. Bahn

  Duties and Responsibilities:

  1.  Provide therapy and carry light caseload of assessment and/or complex therapy cases.

  2.  Assists and participates in internal quality assurance chart reviews and other necessary observance of standards        of documentation.

  3.  Provides input in clinical programs of private practice.

  4.  Ability to work as an independent practitioner with flexible schedule.

  5.  Attends and participates in meetings, consultation and related external training as appropriate.

  6.  Provides other tasks and duties in consultation with Supervisor.

  Please forward letter of interest and resume by email:

  *EEOC Employer