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Tele-Consult Services

Tele-Consult Services allows privacy, flexibility, anonymity and discretion. It does not matter where you are in the United States. All calls are confidential.

Consult with a Licensed Clinical Psychologist by phone:

Affordable and easy access to those who have transportation problems, physical or emotional limitations that prevent you from traveling to a therapist’s office.

You live in a remote or isolated area without local professional help.

You need a second consult on case consultation or treatment options.

You are a parent(s) of small children where travel time and paying for a sitter is not always feasible.

Persons seeking outside consult may be individuals, corporations, nonprofit organizations, university counseling centers, student training programs in specialty areas, other healthcare professionals, schools, and court systems.

Accessible and convenient scheduling by secure email. We request that you include your name, phone number including area code, and 2 days and appointment times that work for you during BAA office hours. Weekend, evenings by appointment. We will confirm phone appointment by email within 24 hrs. Tele-Consult Services is not an emergency crisis or long term service option.

Payment is made at time of service by phone or in advance by personal check to Bahn and Associates. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Insurance does not cover for Tele-Consult Services. Fees for Tele-Consult Service by phone:

60.00  per 30 minute session

120.00  per 1 hour session

Email for appointment

Or Call:

(217) 679-5379